13 July 2015

• Fly Fishing: Stripping and Retrieves

“After casting, I lower my rodtip to the surface of the water (with sinking lines, just barely into the water). To move the fly, I grasp my fly line between the thumb and index finger of my stripping hand immediately behind the index finger of my rod hand. When I strip, I apply slight tension to the line by squeezing together my index and next finger. This keeps my fly line “in check” between strips so that in the event a fish makes a grab while the fly is motionless, it doesn’t simply pull out loose line before I can re-grab the line to strip again.

”Another option is to snub the line between your index finger and the underside of the rod grip. Either method keeps you tight to the fly, and you will detect those subtle pickups as well as be in good position to apply a solid strip-strike to set the hook.….”

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