27 June 2015

• Jaws: Movie Premiered 40 Years Ago…But For Real On Cape Cod Today

“Forty years ago, when ‘Jaws’ came swaggering onto the scene as the first true summer blockbuster — it grossed $438 million in the first 11 weeks—it tapped into both a primal fear of monsters of the deep and maybe a lingering guilt that the captain Quints of the world had helped create a safe summer haven like Amity Island by relentlessly hunting the things we feared.

”If Cape Cod in 1975 was all sand dunes and salty air, with nothing more dangerous than a mob of bluefish or the occasional Portuguese man-of-war…that is not the case now.

”Within the past decade, the Cape has morphed into one of the world’s hot spots for great white….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: CapeCodTimes

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