19 June 2015

• Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 17 June 2015

• Part 1: Catching Up On Some Photos From Other Trips

Val S. was fishing with some local residents in Costa Rica when one of them pulled up this large roosterfish.

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Seal we spotted at Middleground.

Did you notice that CTDEEP's marine fishing report for 18 June included info on the availability of the ubiquitous sea robin? What is fishing in Long Island Sound coming to?

What a school of unmolested bunker, happily finning along the surface of the water, looks like.

Cormorants are not very good painters.

Mark M. was kind enough to send us this photo of a very nice striped bass...caught in the Connecticut River area.

Egret...beautiful flyer.

Source: ConnecticutSaltwaterFishing.com

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