10 May 2015

• Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 09 May 2015

Saturday morning was not a copy of the previous two days. Sunshine, warm, gentle breezes? Nope. Cloudy, foggy, chilly, and winds gusting out of the east.

Val S. and I were dressed for it...four layers including a windbreaker, but the chill still crept in. Where's the St. Bernard with the cask of brandy when you need him?

Looks as though the marsh edges have suffered more greatly this year than in previous years. Perhaps it's because of ice damage during this past, lovely winter?

We went up the Housatonic to an area where the striped bass had been congregating recently, and Val was promptly into a striper on the fly rod.

It was one of those rare days when the fish were more interested in taking flies than in grabbing swim baits.

Here, Val is apologizing for catching yet another striper while I'm still fishless.

It was at about this point that Mark M. came alongside in his boat to say hi. I'd been watching him catch one fish after another using spinning gear and asked him what was his secret. He showed me the bait he was using [one we did a post on a few days ago] and told me he was casting out, counting to five, and then bringing the bait back in with sharp jerks. He also had some nice comments to make about this blog...which, of course, I appreciated; it's so seldom one gets feedback on this sort of thing.

So I tried casting out, counting to five, and then bringing the bait back in with sharp jerks...and promptly hooked three fish on three successive casts.

Clearly, Mark M. knows what he's doing out there.

Photo is one of Val's fish with a blue/white Lefty's deceiver in it's lip.

Mark was kind enough to send me an email in which he said, "I’ve been fishing the Housy for about 4 years now - pretty much just during the late fall/winter (of course the dang ice put a stop on that early this past year) and into the springtime. It’s an amazing fishery that most people who only casually fish (or don’t fish at all) find it hard to believe the number of fish I tell them that winter-over there and think my buddies and I who go are crazy for fishing in sub-freezing temps just to keep a tight line. Once the winter-over fish head way down to the south as they seem to be doing now and fresh migrating stripers finally get back into the eastern sound – as I expect they will in full force this coming week – we switch over to striper fishing in the lower CT River and points east along the coast.

"With that said, I think yesterday might be my last trip to the Housy until next November...."

This is probably a good move on Mark's part as the fish in the Housatonic seem more scattered and more difficult to find with each successive trip.

Elegant Canada Goose

Work goes on even on the weekends for some folk.

We won't see Val for a while as he's off to Costa Rica [if the volcanos don't close the airports in CR again]; hopefully, he'll forward us some fish photos from there that we can post on this blog.

Source: ConnecticutSaltwaterFishing.com

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