01 April 2015

• Angler Smashes World Record By Catching 518-Pound Halibut on 3-Weight Fly Rod

An angler has smashed the world record for the biggest halibut fish ever caught on 2-pound tippet.

The enormous flat fish tipped the scales at a whopping 518 pounds - heavier than a wild gorilla.

It was caught by Barry Chuda who jokingly thought he had hooked into a submarine when the monster halibut took his bait. After taking 9 hours reeling it towards the surface, the 9ft long fish was too big to haul onboard his small boat in Stratford.

“I thought it was gonna snap my little rod in half,” said Chuda. He reported that the fish took an all-white Lefty's Deceiver in size 1/0.

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