25 March 2015

• Feds Looking To Protect Herring

But first, the photo of the day:

You've heard of a fishing guide who has a nose for finding fish? Well, as shown in this photo, Wayne has overdone it...a bit.

Yup, that's about a 5/0 hook with a wacky worm on it that Wayne has right through his nose. The fish he had on spat out the hook and the slingshot effect of the rod propelled the hook smack into his right nostril.

This, of course, is one of the dangers of fishing...although perhaps not a statistically significant one.

Remember this line from My Fair Lady? "But with a little bit of luck, a man can duck!"

Not in this case. It happens way too fast...and it's one more reason why fisherfolk should always wear protective eyeglasses.

• Feds Looking To Protect Herring

“The health of the Atlantic herring — a little forage fish that lives in massive schools that can number in the billions — is critical to the future of the New England fishing industry, and new steps need to be taken to ensure the strength of the fishery, regulators said.

”Federal regulators are working on a plan to change the rules they use to set catch limits that make sure Atlantic herring aren't overfished….”

Ed. Note: Be nice if they did more for the bunker as well.

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