14 March 2015

• #52: Islamorada Journal 2015…March 13,14

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Clouds, Friday morning.

Being a windy day with Coast Guard warnings for winds up to 23 kts. we stayed on the beach.

Pelican crash-landing...

...and formal portrait.

On Saturday this anole sat with us at breakfast...seemed to enjoy the view.

We had hits from a bunch of sharks today but had problems keeping them on the line as they seemed constantly to bite in back of the hook.

Of course one way to deal with this is to use a second "stinger" hook set in the rear portion of the baitfish....

I did get a four-foot spinner or blacktip up next to the boat, but he eluded capture so no catch photo.

The fish gods paid me back for disrespecting the sharks.

Had a smallish barracuda on the line, was reeling him in, he spit out the hook which, propelled by the energy stored in the now unbending rod, flew through the air and imbedded itself in my right calf.

Going to have to call my doc back home to see when he last gave me a tetanus shot.

I removed the hook myself...which was made relatively easy because I'd flattened the hook's barb. See this link for the method.

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