13 March 2015

• #51: Islamorada Journal 2015…12 MAR, Thursday: Caught A Few Nice Fish

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Chris C. caught...

...a very nice ladyfish and...

...a spinner or blacktip...


...that was just about manageable to bring onto Shoo-Fly for a catch photo.

Wayne was the mackerel king of the trip...

...catching two including this large one.

Mackerel are no slouches when it comes to teeth either.

Wayne also pulled in this small bonefish, caught, of all things, on a deerhair jig.

Thursday evening's sunset.

you might ask, where are the photos of Capt. Skip? Truth be told, the fishing gods have abandoned me. Other than one large barracuda back in January and one good spinner or blacktip shark in February, I haven't caught a single, photo-worthy fish...just a bunch of small trout, ladyfish, and jacks.

But it still beats shoveling snow.

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