08 March 2015

• #48: Islamorada Journal 2015…06-08 MAR-Friday-Sunday: Fishing Still Slow

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Saw a large pod of smaller dolphins on Friday...maybe a dozen or so in the group.

The pelicans followed the feeding dolphins, hoping to pick up some leftover scraps of fish.

Charley B. landed this 4-lb. jack crevale...otherwise, the fishing was not spectacular.

Friday's sunset.

This is the photo exactly as it came out of the camera...just a little cropping and sharpening; the colors were not messed with.

Caryl and I went to Lazy Days for lunch on Saturday. Food was pretty good. Place appeared to be understaffed and under-cared for.

This is the view from the restaurant's porch...you'd think they'd rake the beach...clean it up a bit.

Saturday's sunset happened behind approaching clouds rather than behind the horizon.

Sun gone, clouds foretold Sunday's weather.

Awoke Sunday to rain drumming on the roof.

Rainstorm soon departed, leaving clouds and blue sky; but, radar indicates another band of rain coming shortly.

Winds are honking to 25 knots out on the reef...Florida Bay's all riled up and there are very few boats out.

Forecast is for more wind, so we'll have to see what our final full week here will produce.

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