01 March 2015

• #44: Islamorada Journal 2015…01 MAR Sunday: Another Day On the Beach

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Redhead ducks, photo from the Connecticut Audubon website. The drake has a blue bill in addition to the obvious red head. The markings on the drake's body feathers are very fine.

Photo of the Housatonic River just below where we keep Shoo-Fly in the milder months. Photo is by Jeff Wignall; please visit his gallery for more excellent photos from the Housatonic.

Photo from Wayne & Linda's home in Quebec.

Meanwhile, back in the Florida Keys...

Not exactly a thrilling sunset on Friday.

Millipedes lie; this one had only 993 legs.

Grunts hanging out in the boat basin.

Awesome cloud.

Interestingly shaped leaves...sort of Jurassic-Park looking.

This lobster lives almost under Shoo-Fly.

Hibiscus are a delight to the eye...

...no matter what color they come in...

...but especially red.

Saturday's sunset.

An anole. According to Wikipedia, "Due to their ability to change color, anolis (anole) lizards are frequently referred to as American chameleons. Also, because they can run up walls, they are sometimes confused with geckos. They are not closely related to either of those groups and, in fact, are more closely related to iguanas."

There are lots of them here...good pest control as they eat all kinds of bugs.

Home-made boat with outrigger.

Thank goodness the kids have life vests on.

Barracudas don't smile much.

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