28 February 2015

• #43: Islamorada Journal 2015…28 FEB Saturday: You Learn Something Every Day

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You remember the photos I posted the other day of the hawk...and said the hawk had no concept of drowning its prey? Fishing friend, Jim C., did some research on this and I was...


According to the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, the Cooper's Hawk (at least I was right about what kind of hawk it was): "...captures a bird with its feet and kills it by repeated squeezing. Falcons tend to kill their prey by biting it, but Cooper’s Hawks hold their catch away from the body until it dies. They’ve even been known to drown their prey, holding a bird underwater until it stopped moving."

Jim C. also points out that the hawk's prey was likely a small woodpecker.

You learn something every day...if you're lucky.

Another visitor to our yard was this small nurse shark that swam into the boat basin and was determinedly trying to get at the bait fish in Wayne's bait pail.

Shark didn't succeed.

Wayne and I fished on Friday.

Caught a couple of fish.

But no picture-worthy fish.

Didn't see any dolphins...seemed to be no bait in the water...fishing still stinks here.

Nice weather though.

Somehow I messed up the numbers and never finished or posted this post...so here it is...what there is of it:

• #38...#39: Islamorada Journal 2015…22 FEB Sunday: We Actually Get Back Out On the Water

Wayne, Yves, and I went fishing on Sunday. Been so long since we were out on the water that I had to re-take my captain's license exam.

Only a slight exaggeration.

Early on we got to see...and hear...the cigarette boats returning to Miami from the annual Miami Boat Show Poker Run.

The participants, all driving offshore power boats, apparently purchase or rig their boats to make as much exhaust noise as possible...you can hear these things coming and going for miles.

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