24 February 2015

• #40: Islamorada Journal 2015…24 FEB Tuesday: Let’s Admit It: Fishing Here, Right Now, Stinks

Don't know why, but the fish we usually catch in the areas we usually fish just haven't been here. We've been able to find jacks without fail and there have been intermittent ladyfish...but no Spanish mackerel, no spotted seatrout, no redfish. Chilly, windy weather? Global warming? Who knows?

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On Sunday, Wayne, Yves, and I went out on a general mission to find fish...any kind of game fish.

Highlight of the day was when Yves hooked up with a nice jack with his new 8-weight fly outfit.

You can see he was pretty happy about bringing that fish to the boat.

We did see a couple of sharks, but were unable to hook any up.

Came back to the dock with nothing to show in the way of picture fish.

But any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.

Incidentally, ladies, this good-looking dude is single and available...but...any gals interested in applying must like fishing...otherwise, forget about it.

Sunday's sunset...

...at least was worth a photo.

On Monday Bridget and Shannon boarded Shoo-Fly with me for a tour of various keys in the Everglades National Park.

We saw this sailboat along the way. I've always thought it must take a degree of courage to run a keelboat in these waters...the depth is seldom over 7 feet.

Highlight of this day was a dolphin who came over to the boat as we were zipping along. He played in our wake for at least ten minutes before wandering off to find other adventures.

These three shots are all of Monday's sunset.

Amazing how the sunset can change from minute to minute.

All three photos were taken within a span of about 30 minutes.

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