23 February 2015

• #37: Islamorada Journal 2015…21 FEB Saturday: Wind…So Off To the Nautical Flea Market

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Friday was a day of rest as the water was unfishable.

Didn't stop this cigarette boat from blasting through a nearby no-wake zone.

Friday's sunset...

...was fairly spectac.

With winds in excess of 25 kts. from the east, Wayne, Yves, and I went to the annual Nautical Flea Market.

Traffic on US-1 was creeping along even more slowly than usual.

We walked to the Market.

Bargain-hunters were streaming into the park where the flea market takes place.

Lots of stuff available...from used reels...

...to fabulous works of art.


People-watching was outstanding. Folk were into their icy medicine* and mixed beverages and the sun was not yet at the mast-head.

Some people-watching we could have done without. Guy on the right: "Pull up your pants, mister, you're old enough to know better."


Couple of Segways were in use...good way to get around...my feet hurt by the time we walked back to the house.

Yves and I bought nothing, but Wayne got a bargain on some fishing line.

ON the way out of the park we spotted Nate the Snake resting in some bushes.

Also got this nice shot of Mildred, the Mockingbird. This gal doesn't appear to be the same variety of MB that we get up north, but her singing was definitely mockingbird-ish.

Maybe she's a mockingjay?

Saturday night's attempt at a sunset.

Sunday: We actually get out on the water to fish...stay tuned.

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