20 February 2015

• #36: Islamorada Journal 2015…20 FEB What To Do On A Windy Day In Islamorada

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Not to complain, but at 0900 today the wind was gusting from the north at 22 kts., the air temperature was 47°F, the wind chill factor was 40.5°, and the water temp back in the Everglades National Park was 57°.

So, once again, no fishing today.

Wayne and his friend, Yves, visiting Wayne from Quebec, picked me up and we went off to World Wide Sportsman [WWS] as Yves wanted to find some fishing trousers.

I didn't have my trusty camera with me and had to rely on the cell phone camera which failed to pick up the writing on the slip of paper which explained that these flies were tied by Stu Apt, a legendary saltwater fly fisherman.

The flies are not for sale.

WWS does, however, have a few flies for sale...although not made by a legendary fly tier.

WWS will also sell you fly-tying materials.

Learning to make your own flies is a good idea if you're going to use a lot of them...or if you want to fly-fish for sailfish.

That's because a big sailfish fly, such as the ballyhoo imitation on the right, can cost you mega bucks.

This is by far the most expensive fly I've ever seen...by far.

Yves, Wayne, and I left WWS and walked over to the restaurant at Islamorada Fish House. Unfortunately this place will be closed soon as Johnny Morris, the owner of Bass Pro Shops of which WWS is one, plans to make major changes to this property.

We had conch chowder and mahi sandwiches that were quite goood.

At the dock behind WWS, it appeared that not a single guideboat was in operation this day.

We moved off to Sandy Moret's Florida Keys Outfitters which carries only fly-fishing equipment...

...and clothing.

Not exactly cheap stuff.

$125 for a fishing shirt that you're going to get fish slime and ladyfish poo on? I don't think so.

At least Mr. Moret has the grace not to price the shirt at $124.99.

Wayne and Yves came back to the house for lemonade, after which Caryl and I went off to get sandwiches at Chad's.

The sandwich shop was deserted...our car was the only one in the parking lot.

Never seen that before, and probably will not again.

But 4 pm appears to be an excellent time to go there and avoid the usual mob.

Can it be that there's a light at the end of the [wind] tunnel?

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