17 February 2015

• #33: Islamorada Journal 2015…17 FEB Fishing Team Arrives from Connecticut…Part 3

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Dinner at the Lorelei...in rather chilly weather for the Keys.

Sunset on 13 Feb.

Traffic, particularly on the 2-lane sections of US-1 through the Keys can be very taxing.

We've been seeing this osprey nest for years; it must be at least four feet high by now.

Zach and Michael at the helm of "Pilar," the replica or sister-ship of Ernest Hemmingway's fishing boat which can be seen at World Wide Sportsman, the BassPro shop in Islamorada.

Strange sunset on 14 Feb.

No, here's the real one.

15 Feb: Looking for the school of ladyfish we know is in this area.

Where are they?

There are always some lunkheads about, to divert the attention.

Caroline has a fish on.

Another strike.

Doubled up.

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