05 February 2015

• #26: Islamorada Journal 2015…05 FEB “Weather Turns...for the…Worse!

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At 0700 on Thursday morning, this photo shows our prospects for the weather for the next few hours...

...and with small-craft cautions posted by the National Weather Service for today...and tomorrow...

...it doesn't look like we're going to get in a lot of fishing.

Suggest readers shift to "LearnHowToKnit.com" or "BowlingForFun.com" for the next few days.

On Wednesday, with winds gusting to 20 kts. from the east, I fished off the basin wall for an hour...matching wits with the local snapper population.

I'm thinking of producing a fishing program for television called "Are You As Smart As A Mangrove Snapper?"

Clearly, I should not be a contestant on that program.

Did see that shark, photo above, go right by me, practically under my feet; about 4-feet long, probably a nurse shark.

Also, and it's hard to see them in this photo, a "company" of large parrotfish...about twenty of them.

You know that bird groups have different names: A "murder of crows," and a "chattering of starlings," for example. Well for parrots, the group name is "company," so guess it must apply to parrotfish as well?

With foul weather coming in from the west, Wednesday night's sunset was nothing to write home about.

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