30 January 2015

• #23: Islamorada Journal 2015…30 JAN “Big Permit!”

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Thursday night's sunset...



Wayne and I ventured out on Florida Bay on Friday to see if the fishing had improved during the last 5-6 days...it had not. Even the birds weren't bothering to look for fish.

But...Wayne did hook into a big, big permit.

These fish usually, on spinning gear, are taken on live crabs...but someone had forgotten to put those we had on the boat, so Wayne threw a plastic/jig combination at the fish...we were looking at the fins of about half-a-dozen permit...

...and no one was more surprised than Wayne when the fish hit it.

Battle with the fish lasted about an hour. Permit made several runs that caused us to chase with the motor. Fish actually pulled the boat through the water...into the current yet.

Wayne was using a new, untried reel that he'd just picked up at a consignment shop. He used hand-pressure on the reel spool in addition to the reel's drag to try to stop the fish.

You can see that this was not a big-game reel...just a 2500...and not intended for fighting this big a fish.

The permit finally came alongside the boat. We got it on board for a quick photo...

...or two and then held it in the water while moving the boat forward slowly so the fish could regain strength...before we released it.

That was about all the action for the day...except for a few jacks...I got one on a clouser.

Sheriff must have been playing Angry Birds.

Charley stopped by after we returned to the dock. We'd phoned him about the permit but the wind had come up...again...so I don't think he went out there.

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