24 January 2015

• #19: Islamorada Journal 2015…24 JAN “Wind!”

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Charley B. was kind enough to send me this photo taken on the day we fished together.

And Charlie W. sent down this photo of striped bass taken by "Leon," a friend of one of Charlie's friends, that shows the fish stacked up in the Housatonic River.

Mal and I fished on Friday but the score was Wind:1, Skip and Mal 0. We ended up catching mangrove snappers, lane snappers, and jacks off the basin wall which was well protected from the easterlies howling at 17 kts. plus.

Mal casting from the wall on Friday evening.

Friday's sunset.

Redneck bifocals.

Signs at Robbie's where folk go to feed the tarpon.

Caryl giggling at some of the signs.

Sue and Mal aboard Pilar, sister ship to Hemingway's fishing boat...at World Wide Sportsman.

Saturday winds gusting to 26 kts...

...stretching the arms of the palm trees...

...and smashing waves into the basin wall.

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