23 January 2015

• #18: Islamorada Journal 2015…23 JAN “Mal & Sue Visit”

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Sue and Mal arrived for a visit today. Mal and I went out on the water but the winds were too heavy so we came back and just relaxed at the house. Later to the Lorelei for dinner where Sue wanted a photo in front of this "pirate" vessel.

Here Sue and Mal perform the "Zoltan," apparently a recognition symbol used by adherents to a certain secret society of admirers of buccaneers.

Iggy the iguana was sunning a few docks down from us.

Not a new cuda...just a blow-up of the teeth of the big one we caught the other day.

Harley parked at the Lorelei

Could this boat be a bit overloaded?

Who says gulls can't tapdance?

Highest-rated Key Lime Pie in the FL Keys.

Blackbird...stepping out...on one of the Lorelei dining tables.

Friday night's sunset.

A fore-taste of weather to come?

The sunset...later on.

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