20 January 2015

• #16: Islamorada Journal 2015…20 JAN “Hammerhead...Sort of!”

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Egbert paid a visit the other day...

...he's a brilliantly handsome fellow...

...except when he looks directly at you...at which point it becomes obvious that he's a nebbish.

Charley and I fished on Sunday with very little luck...just caught jacks until we tired of it. Did see this agglomeration of birds...gulls, pelicans, and cormorants...that were feeding on bait fish, but there were no sporty fish feeding on the bait.

Sunday's sunset.

Wayne and I went over to Smugglers for gas today...admired the boats at the Coast Guard station on the way there.

What do you suppose goes on that circular stanchion on the bow of the largest boat?

Not a Coast Guard boat...just a privately owned vessel that's clearly winning the race to hang as many motors as possible on the stern. Two motors I understand...three...four?

There was a storm to the south that threatened Islamorada early afternoon...so we stuck close to the Key. Here we approach and are soon motoring through the famous ditch known as...

..."Toilet Seat." For obvious reasons.

Wayne and I got into barracudas and bonnethead sharks mid-afternoon. I had the first barracuda hit my popper...he grabbed it and ran off some line, but didn't hook up. Then Wayne and I had cudas hit both our lures simultaneously...and we were both cut off...the cudas making off with our lures.

So as with shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted, we both put on wire leaders. I had one more cuda hit and he was hooked up for 15 seconds or so before spitting the lure out.

These were fairly large fish...would have liked to get one in the boat for a photo...but it was cudas 4 and Wayne and Skip 0.

Wayne did hook a bonnethead shark...

...which gave him a good fight...

...before coming alongside the boat...

...and posing for a photo.

As you can see, bonnetheads are members of the hammerhead family.

Tuesday night's sunset.

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