16 January 2015

• #15: Islamorada Journal 2015…16 JAN “Punk Weather's Back”

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Ten o'clock this morning with the winds gusting to 18 kts. and the air temperature at 66°F [brrrrr...sends chills down my spine just writing about it]...and with Wayne suffering from some sort of cold bug, we decided not the hit the waters today.

So, what do the tough do when the going gets tough? They go shopping...and to lunch.

Caryl and I first stopped at a dollar store in Islamorada where everything...everything...costs a dollar or less. I got a pair of rubber-coated-palm gloves for fish-handling for one buck.

Then we stopped at World Wide Sportsman [shouldn't "World Wide" be hyphenated?] Caryl got a hat and I found a long-sleeved fishing shirt that has a square bottom with side vents so it can be worn outside the belt unlike most fishing shirts which have shirt tails and make you look like a slob if you wear them otb. It'll serve for going out to dinner when it's coolish, and it will likely never go fishing...unless I slop something that won't come out down the front of the shirt...which has a modest degree of probability.

The Islamorada Fish Company (photo above), a restaurant and fish-mongery, is located right next to World Wide, so we went there for lunch.

Cool place. It's under a tiki roof and has isinglass windows they can roll right down, in case there's a change in the weather [just like the surrey with the fringe on top].

The part of the restaurant where we were was emptier than I've seen it before. Surprising figuring this is a three-day weekend for many folk.

We had conch chowder that was pretty good...there was actually some conch in there unlike in some restaurants where they just wave the conch over the top of the pot; grilled/blackened mahi, very good; slaw, and potato salad; but, no Key Lime Pie today.

Lots of birds around, including some that were right in the restaurant itself...flitting about in the rafters...scouring the floor for crumbs.

I think the restaurant strategically places the dining tables so they are not directly under a rafter...if you get my drift.

There are lots of critters to be seen on the World Wide and Isla Fish Co. property. These tarpon were about five feet long.


Shark; probably a nurse shark.

There's a dock behind World Wide where several of the local guides keep their boats. One of these guides uses a boat identical to Shoo-Fly.

None of the boats were out today...guess the guides agreed with Wayne and me re the weather outlook.

Friday night's sunset replete with para-boarder.

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