16 January 2015

• #14: Islamorada Journal 2015…15 JAN “Pterodactyl Attacks Blue Runner!”

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On Thursday Wayne and I left the dock early afternoon after the fog [again] lifted and the winds calmed down. As you can see from this photo the winds dropped to nothing for a while out there.

We caught some blue runners for shark bait and then spent some time looking for permit...but saw none...so we headed for the shark grounds.

This is an eagle ray.

We saw lots of sharks, mostly bonnetheads. I threw the shark fly at them but got no takers. Wayne had a blacktip shark messing with his jig for a minute or so...but didn't hook up...so, not much in the way of fish to photograph this day.

Back at the dock we put a live blue runner out on the basin wall as there were two pterodactyls watching us.

OK, so they weren't really pterosaurs...but only plain old pelicans.

They just behave like prehistoric flying reptiles.

Typically, when we bring the boat back to the dock the pelicans come around as they know there's likely bait on the boat that the fisherfolk may throw to them. They also are aware of fish-cleaning stations and the pelicans hang around there hoping for a fish head to be tossed their way.

And if you aren't cautious and leave your dinner fish unguarded for a moment, you're likely to find it sticking out of a pelican's beak.

That was about a 12-inch blue runner, but the pelican pounded it down with little trouble.

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