10 January 2015

• #09: Islamorada Journal 2015…10 JAN “More Wind”

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Wayne joined us for lunch at the Buzzard's Roost on Friday. Here he peruses the menu before settling on a burger [maybe a buzzard burger?].

Caryl and I had grilled/blackened mahi sandwiches.

Total of 900 horsepower on this police boat. Guess the bad guys won't outrun this one.

The Buzzard's Roost Key Lime Pie came in at 5.5 on the KLP scale.

Working boat.

I spotted this lunkhead parked in the gridded, no-parking area next to the handicap parking spot at Publix [a grocery store]. I walked across the driveway to Wayne and pointed the car out...asked him what state he thought the car was from. Without a moment's hesitation he answered, "New York."

Wayne's either psychic...or he's driven in New York a few times.

[No offense intended to relatives of mine living now or formerly in the Empire State. They are undoubtedly excellent and courteous drivers...if the only ones ever found in NY.]

Friday's meager sunset.

Saturday morning held fog that whisked away when the winds came up gusting as high as 24 kts...so no fishing today...and probably none on Sunday according the forecast.

I did go out on the boat basin wall and caught three mangrove snappers in about 15 minutes...put 'em all back.

Saturday's sunset...with pelican.
BTW, for those of you unhappy with the cold weather up north: Linda, who's temporarily back in Quebec, says it hit 43 below in Montreal this week.

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