06 January 2015

• #06: Islamorada Journal 2015…06 JAN “Missed Shark”

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Sunrise on Tuesday. Actually, it's not the sun rising as the house faces Florida Bay and not the Atlantic Ocean from whence the sun comes up...so this is the reflection of the rising sun on clouds in the western sky.

Wayne and I saw dolphins as we were on our way to the fishing grounds. These dolphins were not playful...didn't follow the boat...so we just watched them go on their way.

We were after sharks today, so the first order of business was to collect some smaller fish for live bait...blue runners, ladyfish, that sort of critter. In the process of collecting baitfish, Wayne hooked into...

...a couple of very nice ladyfish. One of them had him running all around the boat, ducking under other fishing lines, front deck, rear deck, before he was able finally to land it.

We were drifting live bait through muds which are areas of water stirred up by feeding fish.

But we didn't have much luck with the sharks. One grabbed the blue runner on my line and took off, but when I tightened the drag to set the circle hook, he wasn't there...and neither was the blue runner. Shark had gotten away with the bait without hooking up.

Wayne did catch a nice Spanish mackerel that he fileted for the grill.

On the way back to shore we saw these white pelicans. I believe these birds tend to shy away from human beings and civilization, so seeing them within, say, two miles of Islamorada was a bit unusual.

Four views of Tuesday night's sunset:

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