04 January 2015

• #04: Islamorada Journal 2015…04 JAN “Boat’s Clean and Ready to Go”

Question of the day: How may bottles of Negro Modelo, when taken internally, does it take to cure toenail Fungus?
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The neighbors to the left have green underwater lights on the bottom of their boat basin. Supposedly, these lights will attract bait fish which will attract larger fish.

The shadow in this photo is not Red October, but rather Barry the barracuda...about fourteen inches of toothy critter, roaming through the lighted area, looking for a minnow to munch.

Night shot of Shoo-Fly all nestled in her slip.

Woke up at some awful hour last night, looked out, and there was this beautiful moon shining on the water of Florida Bay.

As promised, spent the morning giving Shoo-Fly her annual major cleaning. This involved opening the six primary hatches, taking everything out, and then scouring the fiberglass compartments to get rid of mildew and accumulated crud.

Cassiopeia jellyfish apparently don't have mildew problems [I'll get a better photo of one of these another day.]

Hatches clean, then a general swabbing of the deck.

It was really hot out there. So hot, in fact, that I wished I'd stayed home in Connecticut. [Right...you believe that one?]

Then Shoo-Fly got to sit in the warm sun and balmy breeze for several hours to let the heat and air finish killing off the mildew.

Must be quite a job keeping a boat this size clean...but they probably have a staff to handle that.

On the other hand, some vessels require little maintenance.

There's an old boat trailer sunk off the end of the basin wall...to attract fish...which it does. I watched dozens of small mangrove snappers, a couple of eater-size mangrove snappers, some angel fish, small groupers, and a bunch of parrotfish including one that was iridescent blue. Hope to get a photo of that one some day.

Sunday evening's sunset.

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