03 January 2015

• #03: Islamorada Journal 2015…03 JAN “We Got The Boat Today”

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Two spectacular parrotfish were in the cut in the coral to the left of our boat basin this morning. Those are real colors...I didn't mess with them.

Today was the day to get Shoo-Fly from the marina where she's been stored since the boat transport company brought her south in December. Caryl dropped Wayne and me off and we boarded the boat, gave her a quick systems check, and headed away from the marina.

Had to motor slowly past a lot of other boats on our right and a bank of mangroves on the left [boats to starboard and mangroves to port for all us nautical types].

On the way we passed Santa Claus who apparently likes to go fishing after all his Christmas chores have been completed.

Finally out of the mangroves and boat slips, we embarked upon the beautiful waters of Florida Bay...

...to arrive at the house.

Note that the house has a "G"-shaped boat basin in front of it. You can see the entrance to the top of the G just to the left of the stairs in the lower right-hand corner of this photo [click on it to enlarge so you can see it more easily.]

We slipped inside the basin without endangering the boat [or any of the coral for that matter]...

...and approached the dock area on the right...

...where Shoo-Fly now rests, awaiting fishing adventure.

We didn't fish today as the winds were gusting to 23 knots [26.5 mph]. May not fish on Sunday if the wind persists...and I really need to give the boat a good cleaning, especially in the holds where mildew and dirt from the ride down from Connecticut have collected. Also need to put rods, reels, lines. and lures in order...but we'll see.

We decided to get dinner from the Cuban place on Tavernier: arroz y frijoles, pollo, pan cubano, y flan de postre [rice and beans, chicken, Cuban bread, and flan for dessert] so I headed out onto US-1 where the traffic going south was still bristling...despite the 4-day weekend steadily melding into day 4. Three straight days of bumper-to-bumper cars, RVs, trailers. One wonders "where the heck can they all be going?" I mean, the Keys is not a big place. If they're all going to be heading back to the mainland on Sunday, it will be a real mess out there.

You can see the cars all jammed up on US-1 in the right side of this photo. But, note that there are hardly any cars on the parallel road I'm on. One can...

...slide off onto "the old road," the 2-lane...lane on which all north-south traffic...trafficked before the newer road was put in. Most folk don't know about the old road and one can zip along at the 30-mph [34.5 kts.] speed limit and leave the pack behind.

While photographing the sunset Saturday evening, spied this ancient alien aircraft on descent to planet earth.

Saturday evening's sunset.

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