02 January 2015

• #02: Islamorada Journal 2015…02 JAN “No Boat Yet”

Apparently the combination of a four-day weekend and low gas prices has created a rush to get onto the Florida Keys. The traffic here has been abominable At three o'clock this afternoon, for example the traffic was at a standstill or crawling all the way from Tavernier Creek to Snake Creek...only about 6 miles of US-1...but right past the area where we're staying.

As a result, Wayne and I decided not to get the boat today...it'd probably take an hour or more to do the 15-minute drive to the marina...instead, we'll take off early Saturday morning to bring Shoo-Fly back to its winter home port.

Nevertheless, Wayne and Linda braved the traffic and stopped in for a quick visit late morning...which significantly enlivened our day.

But no boat meant no fishing photos today...have to fill in with land-bound color.

Click on any photo to see enlarged gallery:

As old readers are aware, this house sits in the middle of a botanical garden. Here's the path down the SW side of the house.

Coral everywhere. You can see the outline of what was perhaps a type of fan coral in this piece.

Barry was looking for breakfast in the neighbor's boat slip.

Hard to tell in this pic, but there's a shoal of snappers in the water just off the front of our boat basin...

...and a mob of what are probably grunts right in the basin itself...where Shoo-Fly will be docking on Saturday.

Can you believe this? Neither the woman nor the child has on a life preserver. What does she think she's going to do if they both go in the water?


Hibiscus in planar view.

We would have liked to go south to the Lorelei for dinner but the traffic made that impossible...so we headed north to Snapper's which is also a favorite restaurant of ours.

We timed it just perfectly and were able to get a table on the outside deck.

From the menu we selected...

...for me...wait for it...a blackened mahi sandwich...with sweet 'tater fries and slaw...and for Caryl...

...a seafood burrito with sugar snap peas, rice, and some green glop.

AND we had the first KLP of the season...it scored six out of a possible ten on the KLP scale.

Friday night's sunset...going...


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