30 January 2015

• #23: Islamorada Journal 2015…30 JAN “Big Permit!”

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Thursday night's sunset...



Wayne and I ventured out on Florida Bay on Friday to see if the fishing had improved during the last 5-6 days...it had not. Even the birds weren't bothering to look for fish.

But...Wayne did hook into a big, big permit.

These fish usually, on spinning gear, are taken on live crabs...but someone had forgotten to put those we had on the boat, so Wayne threw a plastic/jig combination at the fish...we were looking at the fins of about half-a-dozen permit...

...and no one was more surprised than Wayne when the fish hit it.

Battle with the fish lasted about an hour. Permit made several runs that caused us to chase with the motor. Fish actually pulled the boat through the water...into the current yet.

Wayne was using a new, untried reel that he'd just picked up at a consignment shop. He used hand-pressure on the reel spool in addition to the reel's drag to try to stop the fish.

You can see that this was not a big-game reel...just a 2500...and not intended for fighting this big a fish.

The permit finally came alongside the boat. We got it on board for a quick photo...

...or two and then held it in the water while moving the boat forward slowly so the fish could regain strength...before we released it.

That was about all the action for the day...except for a few jacks...I got one on a clouser.

Sheriff must have been playing Angry Birds.

Charley stopped by after we returned to the dock. We'd phoned him about the permit but the wind had come up...again...so I don't think he went out there.

29 January 2015

• #22: Islamorada Journal 2015…29 JAN “Wind Coming To An End…Hopefully!”

Wind has been the whole story.

We've been unable to get out on the water for six days now, however, it appears to be letting up and Wayne and I hope to get some fishing in on Friday.

Not that it's been such a great loss as the fishing has not been great. We're all hoping that the week of winds and chilly temperatures has changed the situation and that we'll be into fish big time tomorrow.

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Granddaughter Caroline finished well up in her age group at the archery nationals this past summer.

Cousin Bob of Former Glory Racing at speed at Lime Rock Park last September.

Thursday's sunset

Palm tree flapping in 25 kt winds

Wind messed up the arrangement of chairs on the sand.

We joined Wayne and Linda for dinner at the Lorelei on Friday evening.

Yellowtail snapper.

Portobello "burger."

Red-winged blackbird would have liked to get into our sandwiches.

Grilled mahi with sweet potato fries.

Blackened mahi with the Lorelei home-made chips.

Tell Zachary that we didn't have any of the crab legs, so there should be plenty for him when he gets here.

Shoo-Fly is ready to go on Friday.

Toward sunset, on Thursday.

27 January 2015

• #21: Islamorada Journal 2015…27 JAN “Wind...Wind!”

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Monday wind...

...and a line of showers came through.

Sailboarder loved it...

...and this fellow was up in a palm tree next door in 30mph winds chainsawing the lower fronds off the tree.

Monday's waves breaking on the basin wall...

...Tuesday's waves breaking on the basin wall.

This and the next two photos each all from Monday's sunset.

25 January 2015

• #20: Islamorada Journal 2015…25 JAN “Things In the Sky!”

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Must be a magnificent view putting along a hundred feet above the water alongside the Keys.

Mare's tails and mackerel scales make tall ships carry low sails.

We were stuck on the beach again today as winds howled up to 23 mph.



This and the next three photos are all from Sunday evening's sunset.

24 January 2015

• #19: Islamorada Journal 2015…24 JAN “Wind!”

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Charley B. was kind enough to send me this photo taken on the day we fished together.

And Charlie W. sent down this photo of striped bass taken by "Leon," a friend of one of Charlie's friends, that shows the fish stacked up in the Housatonic River.

Mal and I fished on Friday but the score was Wind:1, Skip and Mal 0. We ended up catching mangrove snappers, lane snappers, and jacks off the basin wall which was well protected from the easterlies howling at 17 kts. plus.

Mal casting from the wall on Friday evening.

Friday's sunset.

Redneck bifocals.

Signs at Robbie's where folk go to feed the tarpon.

Caryl giggling at some of the signs.

Sue and Mal aboard Pilar, sister ship to Hemingway's fishing boat...at World Wide Sportsman.

Saturday winds gusting to 26 kts...

...stretching the arms of the palm trees...

...and smashing waves into the basin wall.