29 October 2014

• Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 28 October 2014

David M. and...

...David A. joined me on Shoo-Fly on Tuesday. They are both bass fiddle players, so I was expecting hours of bass-player jokes: Why does a bass player cross the road...how many bass players does it take to screw in a light bulb...a bass player walks into a bar...a priest a rabbi and a bass player are on an airplane...that sort of thing.

But the Davids are also avid fly-fishermen so fishing was the main discussion of the morning and afternoon.

USCG response boat. I thought it was blasting through the no-wake zone in the mouth of the river...but see the last photo below.

First off we saw a small batch of surface-feading fish at the mouth of the river...but had little luck with them. Those small pods of bluefish can be really frustrating to follow...they're up, they're down, now they're over there, now they're back where we just were...etc. Ideal way to cope with them is to troll...but we're not into that.

Then David M. spotted fish feeding in shallow water...we went in after them.


Shoo-Fly draws only eleven inches of water [prop up] so we were able to get in there and get some casts to them.

At one point were were in less than two feet of water...and the fish were there.

We got into a mess of schoolie stripers which was a lot of fun for the fly rod and light spinning gear.

David A. hooked stripers on a blue-and white fly he'd tied himself...the fly reportedly used to have eyes on it.

Striper put up a good fight.

All fish safely released.

The Coast Guard has pulled the white no-wake buoys at the mouth of the River. Thank goodness! I've yet to find anyone who can give an explanation as to what the purpose of that particular zone is.

Another great day on the water.

Source: ConnecticutSaltwaterFishing.com

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