22 September 2014

• At Plano, Customer Care Really Means Something

You probably know the name “Plano.” I immediately connect that name with the myriad of plastic lure and tackle boxes I have on the boat and in the barn at home.

But Plano Synergy is into a heck of a lot more than storage boxes.

I recently purchased a collapsible landing net for the boat made by a company called “Frabill.” Nice piece of work; folds up easily into something the size of a rain umbrella; opens up into a 22 X 20” net that can handle fish up to a pretty good size; nice netting that doesn’t scrub all the scales off the fish you want to release.

Well, the darned thing broke…after having had it only 5 weeks.

I tried to return it to Amazon.com but they said it was too late…had only 4 weeks to send it back to them, so I had to go after the manufacturer. Low and behold, it turns out that Frabill is a Plano Synergy company…so I was directed to the latter to seek recompense.

Plano told me to send a photo of the net, a photo of where it broke, and a copy of the sales receipt…all easy to do using the cell phone camera. I sent it to them at 4:27 p.m. figuring “well, maybe I’ll hear back from them in a few days…or a week.”

At 5:04 p.m. I get an email from Plano: “Skip, We are sending replacement free of charge….”

You can’t beat that for customer service. A lot of companies could learn something from Plano Synergy.

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