22 August 2014

• Will Shaky Head Rigs Work for Striped Bass?

“The shaky head, essentially a Texas-rigged worm-and-jighead combo, is pure dynamite on bass oriented to the bottom, in deep or shallow water.

Also called a dink-head or ball-head worm rig by many, it hit the tournament circuit with great fanfare over five years ago. The predecessor may have been the so-called slider-head rig—a 4-inch worm rigged on a flat-sided jighead, with an exposed hook, made popular in the 1970s. Today’s shaky head rigs are typically 6- or 7-inch floating or relatively buoyant finesse worms matched with lightweight jigheads that have “worm keepers,” screws or spikes that allow for Texas rigging.

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We realize this article doesn’t answer the post’s title question…but it’s an interesting concept.

NOTE: Stay tuned; more fishing reports will be posted later today.

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