19 August 2014

• We Had A Slight Problem with the Internet Domain Poobahs

Sorry that we’ve been off the Internet for more than a day. Seems that the bureaucrats that administer domains sent an email to an old, non-existant email address of ours to inquire if ConnecticutSaltWaterFishing.com was still an active URL. When they got no response, they put a hold on the domain.

Guess it would be too much trouble for them to click on ConnecticutSaltWaterFishing.com and see that it was being updated daily.

At any rate, we’re back up and running now.

Please scroll down and check for blogs that you may have missed…we’ve posted several in the time the site has been on hold.

p.s.: Thanks to the knowledgeable folk at Cybershore in Madison, CT for getting this straightened out for us.

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