25 June 2014

• You Can Own Isaac Walton’s Fishing Spot

“The birthplace of angling - complete with a 400-year-old ‘temple’ honouring the inventor of fly-fishing - has been put on the market for £450,000.

”The stone temple was built in the 17th century in honour of author Izaak Walton, and as a place to rest and take shelter on the banks of the River Dove, in Staffordshire….

”Whoever buys the idyllic fishing retreat will not only own the three mile stretch of the riverbank, the fishing rights, and the Grade II listed fishing lodge, but also 33 acres of unspoilt woodland and grassland.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: DailyMail.co.UK

Note: Writer of this article makes it sound as though Isaac Walton invented fly fishing. According to Wikipedia, “Many credit the first recorded use of an artificial fly to the Roman Claudius Aelianus near the end of the 2nd century. He described the practice of Macedonian anglers on the Astraeus River…. In his book Fishing from the Earliest Times, however, William Radcliff (1921) gave the credit to Martial (Marcus Valerius Martialis), born some two hundred years before Aelianus….” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fly_fishing. Nevertheless, Walton’s stretch of river would be an amazing thing to own.

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