25 June 2014

• Think There Are A Lot of Cormorants On the Housatonic River?

Please see the note re this photograph, below.

“Federal officials are proposing to kill half the large colony of cormorants in the Columbia River estuary because the large black seabirds eat too many young salmon and steelhead.

”The proposal is the preferred action in a draft management plan released Thursday by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

”The colony of double-crested cormorants on East Sand Island near the mouth of the Columbia consumes about 11 million juvenile salmon per year as it migrates through the river to the Pacific Ocean. The fish are listed as endangered.

”Officials say despite reductions in nesting habitat, the cormorant population has continued to thrive. It has increased from 100 breeding pairs in 1989 to about 15,000 breeding pairs today. That makes it the largest cormorant colony in western North America, representing over 40 percent of the region's cormorant population.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: StatesmanJournal.com

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