13 June 2014

• Stripers and Bluefish

“ Late spring along the Jersey coast is not a good time to be a bunker. As the oily baitfish school by the millions, the law of the land erupts, with predatory striped bass and bluefish knocking the snot out of them on their migratory push northward.

”A double-barreled blast of bass and bluefish means smiles for the angler. And though trolling proves effective this time of year, there’s infinitely more fun in getting in the game with a trifecta of jigging, popping and live-lining. Prepare for slammer blues of 10 to 18 pounds and stripers that push the 50-pound mark.”

Note: Article’s about New Jersey, but ideas presented apply to Long Island Sound as well.

Please visit this link to read the full article: SaltWaterSportsman.com

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