20 June 2014

• Rhode Island Area, Martha's Vineyard Report

• Rhode Island Black Sea Bass

“Black sea bass are a great catch for anglers….

”Anglers have been catching keeper-size black sea bass since early spring while fishing for tautog and summer flounder. That’s a sign that this should be a good year for them….

”Black sea bass are primarily black, but they have the ability to adjust their color to blend in with the bottom, with colors ranging from grey and brown to a deep indigo hue.

”They spend most of their time around the bottom and can be found near rocky areas, jetties and rips. Like a lot of bottom fish, they like structure.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: ProvidenceJournal.com

• Martha’s Vineyard: Where Are the Stripers?

“Is it just me or has the fishing for striped bass been considerably off this season. If it is just me, I am having very poor luck. Last year, by the end of May, I had caught several keepers. I have yet to catch a sizeable fish.

”But fishermen remain optimistic. The fisherman’s chant—one more cast—was not intended to be muttered by a pessimist. The prevailing theory is that a cold spring and successive east winds set us back several weeks. We will see. This time of the year is when we would typically be experiencing our best striped fishing….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: MVTimes.com

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