10 June 2014

• Fly-Fishing for False Albacore and Bonito

“Realistic baitfish patterns with prominent eyes, such as anchovy patterns tied with synthetic material such as Polar Fiber, Super Hair or others, are deadly. Otherwise, standard patterns such as the Deceiver, Glass Minnow or the Eat Me (sometimes called an Eat ‘Em) tied with translucent synthetic materials, do nicely.

”Just keep in mind that feathers or bucktail get torn up easily, so you’ll spend a lot of tie changing flies in a hot bite. Flies in the 1 ½– to 3-inch range are standard, tied on No. 2 to 1/0 hooks.

Please visit this link to read the full article: FloridaSportsman.com

Article’s about fishing in Florida, but still a good read

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