30 June 2014

• Connecticut Guidelines On Eating Locally Caught Fish

“The summary of advisories issued in the past by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and Department of Energy & Environmental Protection is updated annually and included as a reminder to anglers. These advisories apply to recreationally-caught fish from Connecticut waters. Individuals in the high risk group should be particularly careful in their fish consumption.

”Proper cleaning and cooking methods include: removing the skin, “lateral line” area, belly flaps and dark meat, and broiling or grilling. These methods can reduce PCB levels by 50%.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: CTDEEP

Photo from YouTube.com

NOTE: The guidelines say we should eat striped bass or bluefish from Long Island Sound no more frequently than once per month. For those in a “high-risk” group, such as pregnant women, no striped bass at all and only one bluefish meal per month…and it must be a bluefish under 25” in length.

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