15 May 2014

• Two Stratfordites Rescued from Buring Boat on Long Island Sound

“Flames and heavy smoke were shooting out of the stern of the boat when Marine Bureau Officers Matt Funaro and Dave Goldstein arrived at the scene, police said.

"They found the two boaters at the bow of a 40-foot Formula 400 SS boat, and brought them aboard the bureau's Marine Delta rescue boat.”

Please visit this link to read the full article, source of photo: Newsday.com

• “12 Ways to Tie Better Flies Faster”

#5: “Use Two Vises. We’re not saying you have to go out and buy another vise, but if you have upgraded in the past and still have your old vise collecting dust, try setting it up too!

”Throw a hook in each vise and complete each step on both flies as you go. Not only will this increase speed, it will create better consistency in your flies too.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: 12 Ways to Tie Better Flies Faster

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