27 May 2014

• Update: Fisherman Missing Off Norwalk Not Likely to Have Survived

Link below has latest story on this.
“Police are now saying emergency crews are in "recovery mode." "We're not anticipating finding a living, viable victim…

”…two of the four men on board the canoe had lifejackets. The missing boater did not have a lifejacket nor did he know how to swim. The boaters were setting out to go fishing when two waves hit their canoe….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NBC Connecticut

Comment: Four men in a canoe? On Long Island Sound? Two without life jackets? In 50° water?

Clearly, these men were not thinking about what they were doing.

• “Scientists Working To Contain Invasive Crab Species”

“The invasive species arrived in New Jersey in a ship’s ballast water in the 80’s, and by ’94 it was in the Long Island Sound….

”Scientists at Clinton’s Cedar Island Marina Research Lab are hoping to learn how to contain the Asian Shore Crab…it’s highly adaptable and is moving in on other habitats.

Please visit this link to read the full article: FoxCT.com

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