24 May 2014

• Long Island Fishing: Long Island Sound Not Yet Hot

“The long awaited fluke season kicked off Saturday and seemed to get off to a decent start in most quarters. Despite relatively cool water temperatures, anglers recorded a pleasing numbers of keepers from Reynolds Channel, and found decent action in Great South, Moriches, Shinnecock and Peconic bays.

”Long Island Sound waters, on the other hand, offered only a hint of glory to come with scattered tales of success from Huntington, Port Jefferson and Mattituck.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Newsday.com

• Does Striped Bass Fishing Kill the Marshes?

“Dr. Bertness and his colleagues wondered how fishing and crabbing were affecting the food webs of the salt marshes.

”If people pull out striped bass and blue crabs and other predators from a salt marsh, the animals’ prey species — including those that feed on plants, like marsh crabs — are left to thrive. A growing population of marsh crabs might wipe out the cordgrass in a marsh.

”Without the roots of the cordgrass to anchor the soil, the marsh would erode, making it harder for new plants to grow.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NYTimes.com

Question: How will PETA try to use this against fishermen?

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