23 May 2014

• Connecticut DEEP Marine Fishing Report – 22 May 2014

Striped Bass fishing is picking up after the “Flower” Full Moon this month. Early morning (before/during sunrise) has been the most productive for large cow bass. The usual areas include the Watch Hill reefs, lower Thames River, the Race, Plum Gut, Pigeon Rip, Little Gull, outer Bartlett Reef, Black Point, Hatchett Reef, lower Connecticut River, Long Sand Shoal, Cornfield Point, Southwest Reef (outer), Six Mile Reef, the reefs off Branford, Faulkner’s Island, New Haven Harbor (including Sandy Point).

Also, Charles Island area, Housatonic River, buoys 18 and 20 off Stratford Point, east of Milford, Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground, Bridgeport Harbor, Penfield Reef, around the Norwalk Islands, and Cable and Anchor Reef. Live lining bunker, hickory shad, eels, scup or using fresh cut bait on three way bottom rigs or fish finder rigs will work for “Cow” bass. Tube jigs/worms in bubblegum or pink has also been productive for “keeper” linesiders. Adult menhaden (Bunker) now occur in the lower rivers throughout the sound and is an excellent live bait choice.
See page 60 of the 2014 CT Angler’s Guide for Connecticut Tides

Bluefish fishing has just begun…with an influx of good size choppers and “alligator-sized” blues invading Long Island Sound. Bluefish weighing 8 to 13 pounds are being reported along the north shore of Long Island and throughout the Peconics.

Summer Flounder (fluke) fishing is fair overall. There are some big doormats (fish to 13 pounds) out there but you have to put your time in if you want to be the “Duke of Fluke”. Fishing locations include south side of Port Jefferson, Peconics, Fishers Island (Isabella Beach, Wilderness Point), off the Stonington breakwater, mouth of the Mystic River to Groton Long Point, Thames River channel, Black Point/Niantic Bay, Long Sand Shoal, Westbrook-Clinton area, Falkner Island area, New Haven Harbor to West Haven, Woodmont, Norwalk (Islands) and off the mouth of the Housatonic River. Since squid are coming in, offering a live one on the bottom (10-40 feet) would be a good move for catching that big slab doormat fluke!

Read the full article at this link: Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

• Investigators Find Something Fishy With Classical Evidence for Dietary Fish Recommendations

“Oily fish are currently recommended as part of a heart healthy diet. This guideline is partially based on the landmark 1970s study that connected the low incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD) among the Inuit of Greenland to their diet, rich in whale and seal blubber.

”Now, researchers have found that the Inuit people actually suffered from CAD at the same rate as their Caucasian counterparts, meaning there is insufficient evidence to back previous claims on which dietary recommendations were built.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: ScienceDaily.com

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