20 May 2014

• Coating Knots With Glue: Gilding the Lilly?

“One common trend we have seen through our many ‘expert rigs’ to date is the coating of knots with glue. While the type of adhesive used varies a bit, many of our ‘experts’ prefer to lightly coat their knots to provided a little added insurance, and we think you should too.

”Will a perfect knot hold its own without glue? Probably. But our take is a few extra minutes is worth the added peace of mind when you hook into that fish of lifetime.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Deneki.com

• NYC-Area Fishing Report

“Several striped bass ranging in size from 46 to 48 inches were caught in the Hudson River estuary last week, making it obvious that the cows have come home to spawn.

”Not that there has been any sign of spawning. The water temperature in the Kingston/Catskill section of the river had been holding at 57 degrees, which is about five degrees cooler than what is needed to trigger the phenomenon. But the river continues to give up big bass….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NYDailyNews.com

• Schoolie Stripers from Maine to Cape Cod

“The mighty striped bass have returned in good numbers from Cape Cod to Maine. They are filling in the river basins like the Merrimack, Charles, Mystic and down along the North Rivers. Along the Cape Cod Canal fish to 26 inches are found moving in from one end to the other.

”Most of the fish are schoolies with no reports of a keeper bass taken as yet….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: theValleyDispatch.com

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