25 May 2014

• Charles Walsh’s Fishing Column – 23 May 2014 – Favorite Freshwater Spots

“Below is a list of five of my favorite local freshwater fishing spots.

”Our criteria for inclusion was that an area be within a half-hour drive from Bridgeport, have nearby parking and fish, of course.

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• I Quit Fly Fishing

“I quit fly-fishing about the same time as I quit riding motorcycles — when I was in my late 40s. I ceased the motorcycle riding because I began to feel my mortality, thinking I might end up crippled up in an accident….

”With the fly-fishing I just became…tired of the tangled leaders, wind knots and other irritations that come with fly-fishing. So this winter I gave away all my fly gear to a young fellow who doesn’t have a lot of money and wanted to get into fly-fishing.”

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Photograph is not related to this story. That's Val S. in the photo, and he has not quit fly fishing.

• “Pan Seared Striped Bass with Tomato Salsa”

“Striped bass is my favorite fish, and this preparation is quick & easy, especially when time is a premium.

”The striped bass is seared skin-down, then poached in the olive oil to create a fillet that is moist & delicious.

”The tomato salsa, made with minced red onion & garlic, adds just the right amount of acid.

”This is a great dish to serve any night of the week.”

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