15 April 2014

• Milford’s Severe Repetitive Loss Properties

“Since 1979, for instance, the National Flood Insurance Program has been keeping track of…properties that have been flooded and rebuilt from two to four times…. Connecticut has the greatest number — about half — and of such properties located in Connecticut, Milford tops the list….

”The following websites, all drawing from a pool of authoritative government databases, show what’s happened to Milford’s shore during the 20th century, and estimates what will happen during the 21st.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: MilfordMirror.com

Photo source: WFSB.com

• Want to See What Your Ancestors Looked Like 375mm Years Ago?

“Dr. Shubin, 53, who helped discover the 375-million-year-old fish called Tiktaalik, hailed as a missing link between sea and land animals, will preside over Your Inner Fish, a three-part series on evolution (based on his book of the same title) that makes its debut Wednesday on PBS.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NYTimes.com

Thanks to Charlie W. for the tip on this article. Charlie points out, “Egad, we’re catching our relatives!”

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