01 April 2014

• In Response to PETA Complaints, CT DEEP Sets Minimum Length on Bluefish

HARTFORD: Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection has announced that due complaints from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), there will be no taking of juvenile bluefish (snapper blues) from Connecticut waters for the foreseeable future.

The new minimum length is set at 12 inches (30.48 cm).

PETA's animal rights campaigns include ending fur and leather use, meat and dairy consumption, hunting, trapping, factory farming, circuses, bull fighting, and a host of other activities that treat animals badly. Recently PETA has focused on fishing.

In their complaint to the DEEP, Farrell Katz, director of PETA said in part: “…imagine the pain inflicted upon those poor little fish as hooks are driven directly into their tender mouth parts….”

A DEEP official. Tami Kahd, remarked that the bluefish fishery is the backbone of the fishing economy in Connecticut. However, in recent years, the dwindling catch has both fishery agencies and fishermen worried. "Agreeing to a state minimum length is an important step in guaranteeing the future availability of this shared natural resource as well as ensuring that snapper blues are treated ethically," Ms. Kahd said.

"I think it's probably the right thing to do," said Sal Monroe, 64, who has run a commercial fishing boat out of the Housatonic River since 1985. "It's tough, though. It’s going to cut into our income and we’ll have to find some other way to replace that.”

Read the announcement at CTDEEP

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Going in the Water Buddy? Better Tighten Your Swim Trunks

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, as the saying goes, male skinny-dippers in West Haven, CT are being warned about a fish infamous for munching on body parts.

"Yes, you read that right.

"The Pacu, native to South America, was found by fisherman Al Bacoure in the waters off Captain Thomas Blvd, Savin Rock, according to experts at the New Haven Museum of Natural History...probably the result of rising water temperatures associated with global warming.

"Though the fish has big teeth and looks menacing, it is generally known as a friendly cousin of the piranha. The Pacu's large teeth aren't as sharp as the piranha's but are 'fully capable' of severing fingers, toes, and other anatomical features," the museum's expert, Asst. Director Ron Tsouris, Ph.D., said.

Read the full article at this link: West.Haven.News.org

• Montauk Fishermen Urge Boycott of New London Catch As Scallops War Over Fishing Rights Intensifies

Militant Montaukers are furious that New London fishermen have harvested scallops in Long Island Sound at a time when NY regulations don’t permit fishing. They have rammed New London boats, pelted them with iron bars and rocks, and attempted to snag their propellers with rope.

Montauk fishermen yesterday demanded a boycott of New London-caught scallops as the war over fishing rights intensified Now they are calling for a campaign of 'actions on land' to force Montauk shops and restaurants to stop selling scallops imported from New London. Previous protests have seen Montauk fishermen overturn trays of scallops in supermarkets and hurl fish in front of shoppers.

Fishermen from Montauk yesterday demanded action against New London trawlers and the import of their scallops.

At an angry meeting at Dave's Sushi Bar and Bait Shop,Barry Chuda, President of the Montauk Fishermen's Association said: 'We intend to campaign against organizations importing scallops caught by New London and ferried back to Montauk. These imports are undermining local industries, reducing precious shellfish stocks in Long Island Sound and endangering the livelihoods of our fishermen.'

Read the full article at this link: Montauk.News.org

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