22 April 2014

• Fly Line Backing: Why and How!

“Backing serves a few functions beyond letting us know when our fish is getting away. First, it takes up space in the portion of the system where the loops of fly line are very small. If your fly line were tied to the middle of your reel, small and long lasting loops would all but destroy the line.

”Backing also saves money. Fly line can cost over $1 per foot.”

Please visit this link to read the full article [photo also from same link]: FloridaSportsman.com

• Japan to Resume “Scientific” Whale Hunting

“On March 31, Japan was ordered to halt its whaling program in Antarctica by a United Nations court, which ruled that the activity amounted to a commercial operation and was not for research purposes as stated.

”Now, less than three weeks later, Japan announced it will re-launch its whale-killing "research" operation next year, while addressing objections raised by the UN's International Court of Justice.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: PopSci.com

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