30 April 2014

• Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 28 APR 2014

We finally got out on the water.

First we had to wait for the boat to arrive, up from the Florida Keys.

Then we had to do some maintenance work on the boat...repaint the bottom, etc.

Then, last week we tried to get out one day and couldn't as there were small-craft warnings posted.

Then we had a minor problem with the motor...wouldn't tilt down...had to fix that which cost us another day off the water

Then, finally, on Monday we got out to fish.

There were some signs of spring along the banks of the lower Housatonic River...some bushes were greening up...forsythia blooming in many of the back yards.

But it was clear that winter had wreaked havoc with some of the infrastructure...this is the bulwark above the railroad bridge in Devon.

First place we saw fish on the Garmin was about two minutes from the dock...but we couldn't get those fish to bite...they might have been river herring...or just plain obstinate.

So we headed upstream and found some more cooperative stripers.

Charlie W. and I boated about 25 striped bass in that location and then, regardless of the fisherman's code (never leave fish to find fish), we left those fish to try to find some larger ones. Mistake.

We picked up a fish here and there, but it was slow-going so we finally wised up and went back to the first location...those fish, of course, had moved.

But eventually we located more feeding fish and finished the day with about 40 fish all together.

A Sikorsky bird...perhaps on a test flight.

Another kind of bird.

We watched this osprey dive and grab the fish he's carrying...probably a herring.

A few hardy souls had walked all the way in to the River from Route 110 to fish off the bank.

We caught several fish on flies...in fact we had a double on flies going at one point. Charlie was pleased as his fish were caught on a fly he'd tied himself. Guess one could call this another form of selfie.

Another great day on the water.

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