06 April 2014

• Charles Walsh’s Fishing Column – 04 April 2014

“Here are a few tips on finding fish in colder than usual waters:

”When the water is cold, fish will tend to hang out near the bottom of channels, rivers and other estuaries. Use weighted baits, plugs and flies to reach them. If possible, use a fish finder to locate these lethargic schools.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: CTPost.com

NOTE: It’s a welcome sign of spring and the fishing season to come when Charles Walsh emerges from winter hibernation and puts pen to paper [or digits to keyboard] once again. For one thing it gives one a reason, other than the obituaries, for reading the Connecticut Post.

It amazes me that a publication that can devote page after page to college basketball can’t be bothered to publish a column, or even a paragraph, on fishing throughout the winter months. After all, according to Wikipedia, “Recreational fishing is a multi-billion dollar industry. In the USA, about 12 million recreational saltwater fishers generate $30 billion in economic impact and support 350,000 jobs.” [This is just saltwater fishermen!] It's said that about 80 million Americans follow college basketball...so it makes sense that space equivalent to at least 12/80 = 15% of the paper's sports section on basketball should be devoted to fishing.

But...I suspect that the Post's editors don't want to pay any attention to facts of this sort.

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