21 March 2014

• Fishing A Worm Hatch...MA Curtails Commercial Striper Fishing

• Fishing the Worm Hatch

“Striped bass (bluefish too) key in on the spawning worms (often in May and June) and feed actively on the surface, close enough to the shore to be well in range of anglers casting with spinning reels or wading fly rod fishermen.

”They are also fished from boats on saltwater ponds, coves and in saltwater estuaries of all types.”

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• Massachusetts Curtails Commercial Striped Bass Fishing

“Commercial striped bass fishermen will have to make do with a lot less this year as state fishing regulations for the summer season cut in half the number of days they can go fishing and the number of fish they can catch each day.

”State fishery officials at public hearings said the move was needed to try to extend the season, improve fish prices paid to fishermen, and try to spread the catches to more ports.”

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